Tessa Belén

a manner of doing something;
a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed

a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality
(its also ‘Tessa’ spelled backwards)

The girl behind Style Asset isn’t your typical fashionista. Her unique experiences within the fashion industry have allowed for the development of an eye for fit and personal style. In December of 2013, Tessa graduated from NC State University with a degree in fashion textile management with a minor in art studies.

Leading up to this moment, Tessa had two years experience as a tailor’s assistant which gave her an impeccable eye for fit. Understanding fabric cut and construction improved her understanding of silhouettes and body shapes.

While working at a local consignment boutique, Tessa was introduced to high-end apparel and the fashionable side of thrift shopping. “Cost per use” and “Quality over quantity” became frequent phrases.

Tessa’s stint working at an upscale designer department store exposed her to all of the latest fashion trends and hottest designers. This introduction to the luxury industry prepared her for a new career in fine jewelry.  Now her days are spend bringing smiles to couples, new and old.

The Style Asset is here to give knowledge and inspiration for all things fashion:

Wardrobing will teach you the basics of style and give a crash course in closet organization.

Styling will present outfit inspiration

There’s more to life than fashion, so the Living tag will be used for all things wonderful. Style Asset will talk about her favorite interiors, restaurants, and health tips.


Have a fashion question that needs answering? Send Style Asset a message to get personalized tips and tricks!

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