Images of Halloweens Past

As a fashionista, Halloween is naturally my favorite holiday. When else can you dress as whomever, or whatever, you want without ridicule? It is the perfect opportunity to try something outrageous or become someone else.

The key to a good costume is recognition. I usually try to portray a simple character or someone from pop culture. Once I’ve selected my persona, I pinpoint a few key visual cues that define the character.
Example: if you have  wings and green outfit people will know you are Tinkerbell.

I hate commercial, mass produced costumes because they are cheap, over-priced, and unimpressive. When you use what is in your closet, or can be found at your local Target, the result is much more interesting. Bonus points if the items you purchase can be worn/used in the real world!

Scroll down for some of my favorite Halloween costumes from over the years.


I recreated these costumes a few years ago.
Unfortunately I have no photographic record.


I always liked being a princess.
This is also where my store-bought costumes end!


Black hairspray, chopsticks, vintage silk jacket, home-made skirt, fan my father brought back from Japan.
My mom was on point with my makeup that night!


These were from my first few years of college. My friends and I were all about dressing up and going out. One year, Halloween fell on a Sunday, so we celebrated all weekend with different costumes each night, but after the first we forgot to take pictures.


I also like being a cat. It’s my favorite animal and easy as a costume. In the first picture, I am actually a tap dancing cat (complete with sequin leotard). The second is from my senior year when Halloween was on a school day/night and I never pass up an excuse to dress up.

These are the main elements for this year’s costume. I am so excited that my place of work encourages you to dress up!
Can you guess what I’ll be??
2014 Preview
Check my Instagram tomorrow for the complete look!



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