Let’s Talk About Pants

I’m having a lazy Sunday, so I’ll keep this post short & sweet.

As the temperature drops, we rely (mainly) on pants to cover our lower half.
So it is important to know a few tips on purchasing & styling said garment.


  1. On average, the waistband on your pants will fit around your neck when laid flat (great for buying in a hurry).
  2. If you try on a pair and you see “whiskering” at the hip, the pants are too small.
  3. On the other hand, if you try on a pair and the zipper slouches, creating a V at the crotch, the pants are too big.
  4. I worked as a tailor assistant for two years and in that time I realized that getting a pinch taken in at the back of the waist is the second most common alteration (hemming being #1). Thus, don’t give up on a pair of awesome slacks for this reason — its a $10 fix!
  5. The hem of pants is very important: skinny jeans should hit the skinny part of your ankle, while straight or bootcut pants should stop an inch above the floor. It’s not crazy to buy two pairs of your favorite pants to hem one for heels and the other for flats.
  6. Buy for your body type: pear shapes need a straight leg, if you’re top-heavy go for a wider leg pant, & athletic types benefit from the curve-enhancing skinny pant.


  1. With all of that said, don’t be afraid to try different styles of slacks. Just make sure what you pick actually looks good and you’re not just giving in to a trend.
  2. For cuffing, I find it best to use my thumb as a guide/depth indicator. This ensures symmetrical hemming and that you won’t cuff too deep or too shallow (which could end up looking silly).
  3. When stuffing slacks into a pair of tall boots, my trick is to cuff, stick a ruler (or something similar) in the cuff, and use the tool to guide the pant into the boot without it bunching up.
  4. Don’t be afraid of color. Some hues actually work as a neutral; like navy, olive, and brick red. Your wardrobe should contain a healthy mix of neutrals, color neutrals, bold hues, and fun prints.
  5. Feeling bold? Try the French Cuff! Simply take a pair of loose-leg pants, cuff once, fold in excess material, and continue cuffing to desired length. This gives an effortlessly cool appearance and is a great way to reinvent your favorite pants.
  6. And remember ladies, most slacks will come with the pockets loosely sewn shut. You are welcome to keep them this way (best for pear shapes, as it will keep the pockets from pulling open) but you can easily open them up using a pen or your fingers.

Have questions?
Feel free to comment below and I’ll answer any of your fashion concerns!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Pants

    • Great question, Lisa! “Whiskering” is when you get horizontal wrinkles or pulls going across the front part of your pants. This is an indicator that the pants are too tight at the hip, thus the fabric’s tendency to pull as it tries to stretch across the body. The same rule can be applied to skirts and dresses, too!

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