Vacation, All I Ever Wanted.

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I was in Mallorca (and sorry for the brief hiatus). It’s funny how vacations always last long enough for you to forget about the real world, before being thrown into it again.

But enough lamenting about days gone by. Let me tell you all about my trip!

I’ll start at the beginning, the very beginning, which is packing for said trip. Packing is never easy. How are you to anticipate what situations you’ll find yourself in and what ensembles will be appropriate?

Despite the unknown, I have discovered the best way to pack for a trip is to treat it as creating a capsule collection. Be inspired by the location, the culture, and the time of year. Choose a color scheme that doesn’t blend in to the landscape of your destination, yet does not detract from its beauty.

Capsule collection

For my trip to Mallorca, Spain, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, I selected wispy pastels and muted earth tones to play off the crystal clear water and the rustic mountain ranges. I felt comfortable and stylish without looking like a tourist (I hate looking like a tourist). By sticking to a specific color palette, you can be sure to maximize your selection of clothes since everything goes together. Select mostly solid color pieces, with a few prints mixed in for variety.

Other tips for packing are to:

  • focus on clean, modern silhouettes that can be easily paired and layered
  • bring one of each shoe type (heel, sandal, flat, sneaker)
  • consider your undergarments (if wearing white be sure to bring a nude set)

Probably my biggest rule is this: if Item A serves the same purpose as Item B, pick one. Better yet; if Item A serves two purposes then it wins.

An example comes from my shoe choices. I brought a light wood wedge with silver straps, as well as a muted gold strappy espadrille. My decision to bring a silver shoe and a gold shoe was due to bringing both silver and gold jewelry; however, while my gold espadrille is definitely a daytime shoe, my silver wedge could double for day and night, therefore I had no need to bring a “going out” shoe since I already had an appropriate option for such an event.

Shoe Collection

Similarly, I decided against certain articles because they were “one hit wonders,” meaning they could only be worn with one other item. Winning pieces were those that could be worn with at least two other things in my suitcase.

Another important thing to consider is not only what goes in your suitcase, but what you wear on the flight. There are a few very important factors to consider when choosing a travel outfit: comfort, layers, and shoes. Flights are long and cold, so it’s best to wear something you can curl up and sleep in, as well as adjust for temperature control. I chose to wear a lightweight, long-sleeve jersey knit dress with leggings, accessorized with a lightweight scarf. As for shoes, you want something that you can run around (from flight to flight) in and slip off easily for security checks. I wore my super comfy canvas flats by Kim Rogers (which ended up doubling as my beach shoes).

Flight Outfit

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture all of my outfits during my trip, but here are some highlights.

Outfit 1Outfit 2Outfit 3


Even though I only have a few looks represented, you can see how I could wear the last top with the first pair of shorts, or the first shirt with the last pants, or the middle top with the last pants. Keep things simple, play with color, and keep accessories classic in order to pack light but look fabulous.


Watch out for more posts about my Mallorca vacation!


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