Modernly Vintage, Pt. 2

On the second day of the event I worn an ensemble I dubbed my “Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner” outfit. It was a touch Dirty Dancing in the sense that it was your typical 1950’s get-up with a late 80’s twist. Here are my styling tips for this look:

Add menswear
I wanted to channel the traditional 1950’s housewife with one of my favorite circle skirts. This is a tricky look; as it can easily turn into a costume if you try to be matchy-matchy and accessorize with pearls. To avoid this faux pas, I incorporated menswear details to keep the outfit from becoming too Stepford Wives. I have this Express top from the late 80’s/early 90’s that is the softest shade of pink, but it’s offset by a wide collar and buttons up the front. You may not think of this as being menswear inspired, but the clean lines and exaggerated collar work perfectly to tone down the femininity of the skirt. You could also try pairing an oxford shoe with a girly 50’s dress, or a vintage tuxedo shirt with just about anything.

Go for the unexpected
To complete my ensemble, I selected an unexpected shoe. Usually when choosing a shoe, I pick a color from the print in my outfit and find a shoe to match. With this look I picked a color not already represented. The focus with this tactic is to choose a hue that is the same intensity as the rest of the ensemble, so in this case the pale mint coordinates with the pastels in the skirt and blouse. I added a pretty mint cardigan — because I often get cold at work — that brought the color of the shoe up to the top of the ensemble, thus completing the flow. One of my best tips when wearing a simple outfit, such as an LBD (otherwise known as a “Little Black Dress”), is to match your lip color to your shoe. It is a subtle way to add color and follows the rule of rhythm: an element that lets your eye flow from one detail to another all the way down the line of the body.

This is by no means the definitive list of styling tips for vintage wears. I am constantly finding new ways to style pieces, new combinations of colors and prints, and different interpretations of the same inspiration. With that said, what are some of your favorite ways to style vintage clothing and accessories? Leave comments below 🙂


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